Recently I made a trip to Los Angeles to be a special guest on Business Rockstars. First, a little about Business Rockstars, straight from the horse’s mouth:

“Business Rockstars is the Biggest Video platform for Entrepreneurs, on the planet! BR brings together some of the world’s biggest and most accomplished CEO’s, billionaires, entrepreneurs, influencers, celebrities, small business owners, innovators, & disruptors. BR currently produces 12 network quality TV shows, mostly short-form (2-5 minutes) segments that get distributed OTT and get integrated into long-form programming.

Business Rockstars TV programming airs in 43M TV households, 110 major market US Airports,  and 750K Premium Hotel Rooms. BR digital content airs on Entrepreneur, Yahoo Finance, MSN, and other channels. Our 2 hour daily radio show airs in 100 + Radio markets. BR has studios at NASDAQ MarketSite, Time Square NY,  DIGILAND Campus in Burbank, CA, and at the NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center in San Francisco.

Mark Lack, entrepreneur and Business Rockstars LA correspondent, interviewed me for about thirty minutes, asking insightful and in depth questions. Most of the time, an interview consists of a few standard questions, to which interviewees are forced to provide bland, rote answers. Most of the time, when being interviewed for print, the tone is all wrong and personality never comes across quite right. Not this time. I had the opportunity to answer some great questions and riff with Mark. There’s no fluff, no nonsense; just some solid Q&A with serious knowledge-dropping. Watch the video below, and read on for a summary of the interview. Enjoy!

00m30s: Straight out the gate, Mark asks Patch about his companies, investments, and what he is most excited about right now, such as American Dream U.

“I love building businesses that reach people and have massive impact.”

01m15s: Patch tells the story of his entrepreneurial journey; from Marine, to Veteran, to business owner.

“It was just a completely different world for me.”

03m37s: Patch’s “brainiac moment” of building processes and systems, and building PSD Teams for massive success.

“I can orchestrate this whole thing, but I don’t actually have to be in every single battle.”

06m07s: Mark asks, “why marketing?” Patch discusses Mobius Media Solutions and the idea of endlessness.

“Mobius means endless…you can build it in all different directions – there is no edge to it.”

08m42s: How do you NOT handicap your business? Forget about mentors.

“I just kept trying to learn, and I was paying those people to teach me.”

15m13s: Let’s talk about scaling and making meaningful deposits.

“It’s the Master Key to Success.”

17m33s: Mark asks Patch to tell him the Mobius/Patch Baker secret formula. 

“This is gonna sound like a lame answer but I’ll follow it up and make it really cool.”

20m40s: Patch discussing failing and whether or not you can survive your failures.

“Wait a minute – this whole thing is broken.”

27m15s: Patch and Mark discuss the best time to start a business, bootstrapping, working after work, and problem solving.

“Play the lottery instead.”

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