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Jeff Lerner - Millionaire Secrets
PATCH BAKER | Helping Veterans Excel At Becoming Entrepreneurs | Millionaire Secrets
The Content Ninja - Josh Culler
Having Conversations Through Marketing ft. Patch Baker
Business Lunch With Roland Frasier
From the Military to Winning at Business, with Patch Baker
Jon Stoddard
E2: Top M&A Entrepreneurs – Patch Baker, Veteran & Entrepreneur, EPIC OG – 100 Acquisitions
Real Estate Influencer
Scalability & Business Development for Education Companies | Matt Andrews & Patch Baker
None Of This Is Guesswork. Episode 102 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL). Guest: Patch Baker
Entrepreneur Weekly
Discover Your Higher Nature with The MindFix Group and Mobius Media Solutions

Published Articles

Patch Baker Forbes Agency Council The Business Landscape 2023

The Business Landscape: Two Decades Of Change And What's Happening In 2023

The world of business is always on the move, and over the past two decades, we’ve witnessed a constant back-and-forth between brick-and-mortar retail and the endless possibilities of e-commerce platforms. Let’s take a closer look at those changes in business and what the landscape looks like so far in 2023.

Former Marine Patch Baker on Innovating and Growing Business in an Era of Challenge and Change

As an eighth-generation Marine, Patch Baker’s direction in life started early. 
At thirteen-years-old (13) he joined Military Academy and at 17 the US Marine 
Corps, entering boot camp, immediately after high school graduation.

Reinventing yourself? Self-made millionaire Barbara Corcoran and 5 other founders on how to get people to see you differently

Sometimes, to progress in business and in life, you need to reinvent yourself. 
These successful business founders and Advisors in The Oracles have 
been there.

7 Highly Successful People Reveal How They Keep Their Email Inboxes From Spiraling Out of Control

Overloaded inboxes can overwhelm even the most productive people. 
Fortunately, applications like FollowUpThen and SaneBox are here to help. 
These business leaders and Advisors in The Oracles share their favorite 
tools and tips for managing their email.

Luxury footwear guru Tamara Mellon, Hint Water mastermind Kara Goldin, and 4 more experts share their tricks for making an e-commerce business a runaway success

E-commerce is one of today’s most buzzworthy industries, with countless 
solopreneurs claiming overnight success. These Advisors in The Oracles, 
as well boss ladies Tamara Mellon, who launched her eponymous footwear…

10 Ways to Scale a Business from Startup to a Huge Company, According to These Titans

It’s one thing to start a business and another to scale it. Here are ten tips for 
massively growing your company from leading entrepreneurs and Advisors in 
The Oracles who have done just that.

What Jay Leno, Tony Hawk and 8 other successful millionaires wish they knew in their 20s

Have you ever wished you could go back in time and give your younger self 
advice? Time travel may not be possible, but the next best thing is learning 
from others.

The One Thing You Should Always Do in a Job Interview, According to Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran and Other Top CEOs

Interviews are a daunting and crucial part of the job hunt. We asked these 
company leaders and Advisors in The Oracles what they look for when 
interviewing candidates. Here’s their advice on how to stand out.

9 Successful Business Leaders Reveal Their Top Tips for Selling Anything to Anyone

Nothing happens without a sale. Believe it or not, you’re a salesperson —
whether you’re convincing your kids to do their homework, putting your best 
foot forward for a job interview, or running a business.

Will working on weekends really make you more successful? 6 self-made millionaires weigh in

Some top executives believe you need to work on the weekends to be 
successful in today’s connected world. Others stress the importance of setting 
boundaries and disconnecting.

How Jay Leno and 8 business titans bounced back from the worst moments of their careers

Even the most successful people make mistakes or can be victims of 
unfortunate situations — but errors and bad circumstances need not lead to 
failure. We asked superstar comedian Jay Leno and eight Advisors in…

Gary Vaynerchuk and 8 Business Moguls Reveal Their Secrets for Building an Unstoppable Brand

Today, the world has more small businesses and “wannapreneurs” than ever. Anyone with a mobile phone can launch an Instagram page and claim they are a brand. There’s more noise than there’s ever been, and no time in history…


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